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Legal Nurse Consulting encompasses many aspects of health care and just a few key areas of it and of Ms. McDaniel's qualifications are covered below.

About JoAnne McDaniel

JoAnne McDaniel has been a registered nurse (RN) since 1981, with experience in clinical nursing, teaching, and case management. She held a faculty position at Jefferson College and provided nursing textbook review for Mosby Publishing. JoAnne holds certifications in case management (CCM), life care planning (CLCP) and Certificate for Environmental Access Contracting (C.E.A.C.), with advanced training through the University of Florida Rehabilitation Department's Intelicus Program. She is a Senior Diplomate of the American Board of Disability Analysts and Co-Chair of the Forensics Section of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP). In April of 1999 she founded the Life Care Planning Listserv to enhance and encourage communication between those involved with the needs of catastrophic medical cases. Ms. McDaniel is involved in the Advisory Panel for Life Care Planning Certification through the CLCP examining body, Commission for Disability Examiner Certification (CDEC).

About RN Licensure

In order to qualify for the RN license, a person must graduate from accredited school of nursing and sit for State Board Examination achieving a passing score. Annual renewal of licensure is required for active professional nursing status. Ms. McDaniel graduated from nursing school in December, 1981, and received licensure as a Registered Nurse in February, 1982.

About CCM Certification

Certified Case Management (CCM) certificants recognize that their actions or inactions can either aid or hinder clients in achieving their objectives, and they accept this responsibility as part of their professional obligation. CCM certificants may be called upon to provide a variety of services and they are obligated to do so in a manner that is consistent with their education, formal training, and work experience. In providing services, CCM certificants must demonstrate their adherence to certain standards.

The Certification, obtained by Ms. McDaniel in 1993, is valid for a five year period and was last renewed with eighty approved clock hours of continuing education units (CEUs) in 1998. The renewal is scheduled for November, 2003. The CEUs are documentation of the progressive effort to obtain the most current information, explore new areas of knowledge, and master new skills which will afford consumers an improved opportunity for achieving positive outcomes and preventing complications.

Ms. McDaniel has served as a proctor for the administration of the CCM examination in the Midwest Region, as well as participated in the formulation of CCM test questions at a workshop at the Commission of Case Management Certification (CCMC) headquarters in Rohlwing Meadows, Illinois, in 1999.

As an active member of the CMSA (Case Management Society of America), Ms. McDaniel promotes the certification process to maintain the highest standards and ethics represented by the possession of the CCM Certification as it will be demonstrated in the public and private sectors.

About CLCP Certification

As defined on the Life Care Planning page, the certification implies a body of knowledge as demonstrated by examination with certification renewal every three years with the documentation of eighty clock hours of CEUs specifically approved for life care planning.

Ms. McDaniel received her certification in life care planning in 1996 after attending the 128-hour Intelicus Program through the Rehabilitation Department of the University of Florida. Certification was most recently renewed in 1999 after documentation of 80 units of continuing education.

About C.E.A.C. Certification

The C.E.A.C. is delivered by Professional Resources In Management Education, Inc. (PRIME), an internationally recognized educational company that has instructed thousands of healthcare professionals and construction contractors. PRIME is an approved provider of continuing education through the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB) and the Dade County Construction Industry Licensing Board, the national Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission (CDMSC), the national Certification of Rehabilitation Counselors Commission (CRCC), the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC), the American Board of Disability Analysts (ABDA), and the Florida Board of Nursing. Please visit their website for more details on obtaining this certification. Recipients of this certification take 16 hours of course work and a 3-hour written examination covering the following areas:

This certification enables Ms. McDaniel to assist your client with appropriate home modifications to meet the individual's needs and provide a more independent, safe environment. Through strategic planning and proper forensic engineering input, a current home may be modified safely or new home may be built with universal standards.