Legal Nurse Consulting

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Legal Nurse Consulting encompasses many aspects of health care and just a few key areas are covered below.

Medical Record Review

A thorough review of medical records can be performed with emphasis on the treatment plan, implementation of that plan and outcomes as related to the specific medical issues at hand. Medical documentation can be defined and interpreted in an organized manner to assist in understanding the issues. Through medical research the topics can be substantiated. This process can be done with a preliminary screening or in-depth to include a chronology and/or summary.


Through medical record review, a timeline can be created to show the events as they occurred to assist in organizing a case.


With a thorough medical record review, a summary of events can be produced that is specific to the client.


Medical topics can be researched to obtain the latest in past, present and future medical services. Experts in the field can be located and consulted in their respective areas of expertise.


An outcome can be projected by tracing a series of events. Medical record analysis and physician input can assist in case preparation.

Specialty Nurse Consultants (Nationwide)

Through a national network of nurses, the special knowledge of a certain area of medicine through clinically active professionals can be made available. These professionals include pediatrics, trauma specialists, emergency med tech/paramedics, emergency department, organ transplant, obstetrical, and oncology. Life Care Planning Consultants, Inc. can provide the link for you to contact these professionals.